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Why not travel in a group to Vendôme, otherwise known as Loir et Cher's Venice?

Rather a strange idea...

And yet if you like spa towns, peaceful surroundings, history, art and the history of art, architecture, beautiful gardens, good food and magical places... well this is the ideal destination for you.  Try it and in future you’ll be saying “A group trip to Vendôme, what a great idea!”


Vendôme is within easy reach of Paris, only a 42 minute train journey or 2-hour drive away.  Our tourist office has conconcted some great deals for you as well as a whole range of activities, details of which you will find in the brochures below.

There is most certainly one that will suit you, so see you soon!

Our hotel-restaurant-bar will become your base for a few days and we will be delighted to look after you.

Hôtel Le Saint-Georges
Hôtel Le Saint-Georges